Animal protein export companies will be relying on the support of Traduzca in a year of recovery and growth

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Things in 2022 have looked increasingly promising for the animal protein export industry. Numbers have continued to rise in comparison to 2021, augmenting market opportunities. Appreciative of the current sense of urgency in the area, Traduzca has stepped up to provide the necessary support to companies within the field of translation.

Traduzca has 24 years of experience in bringing people and businesses closer together through its quality and agility, with native translators, 26 languages and a mix of services that includes sworn translation, simultaneous interpretation, simple translation, voice-over and video captioning services, as well as text revision. Now, Traduzca is stepping into the animal protein export market, catering to industries with the technical translation of manuals, agreements and reports.

Specialists speculate that the recovery of the international economy and the devaluation of the Brazilian real are bolstering this new export scenario. To paint a picture, the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA, Portuguese acronym) reported that chicken meat exports rose 19.7% in January, compared to the same period in 2021. Pork saw a rise of 18.2% in exports.

China remains the biggest buyer of both, while the United States has increased demand for beef. Poultry farmers recently conquered a major new market: the United Arab Emirates, with a growth of 96.6%, totaling 42,800 tons. The European Union has increased its imports by 53.5%, with 18,100 tons.