Take a look at the lesser known benefits of Italian citizenship

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It is no secret that Italian citizenship can open many doors in Europe, which is why an increasing number of Brazilians have been applying. However, a passport for the land of the boot has more benefits than those, that most people know about, such as free entry to the European Union. Do you know any of them?

As well as living, studying and working legally in Europe, you can also use the Italian health service, retire in Italy and it helps if you want citizenship for your descendants.

Italian citizenship also provides benefits in other countries, and continents. It makes it easier to get a work visa in New Zealand or Australia. If you want to invest in the United States, you can start with 100 thousand dollars, while, as a Brazilian, you would need 500 thousand dollars. Italian citizens, also, do not need a visa to visit the US as a tourist.

Request a sworn translation in Italian.
Do you want to begin applying for Italian citizenship? First, you need to provide documents that prove your Italian descent: the Italian Birth Certificate of your ancestor that emigrated to Brazil, Brazilian Birth Certificates for your line of descent, marriage certificates for your line of descent, death certificates and a Negative Naturalization Certificate for your Italian ancestor.

Every document that is not in Italian must be translated by an officially approved sworn translator, to ensure that the translated content is accurate. Traduzca has sworn translators in Italian to meet your needs. To know more about this service, click here.