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Translations and Versions
Traduzca boasts a team of highly skilled professional translators who are native speakers in the target language, with experience in a wide range of areas to ensure reliable, top quality translations and versions.
Sworn Translations
Our sworn translators are accredited by the Board of Trade for Rio Grande do Sul state (Junta Comercial) and fully qualified to perform versions and translations of documents. Sworn translations provided by Traduzca are valid nationwide and abroad. Find out more
Simultaneous Interpreting
In simultaneous interpreting, the speaker’s words are translated to the audience in real time. Traduzca’s team of experienced interpreters provides services for lectures, congresses, conferences, forums, seminars and training events. The necessary receivers, soundproof booths and sound equipment are available for hire. Find out more
Consecutive Interpreting
The speaker pauses to allow the interpreter to translate what was said into the target language at small business meetings, events, training sessions and courses.
NAATI Certified Translations
To be valid in Australia, certain documents issued in a foreign language must be translated by a NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) certified translator. Traduzca has a team of NAATI-certified professionals whose work is accepted by the Australian Government and Australian Department of Immigration. Find out mor here.
Voiceover Services
Experienced voiceover interpreters who are native speakers of the target language record new audio for a film or video after the original audio content has been translated.
Subtitling for Videos and Film
Translating and adapting the script into another language, as well as inserting and synchronizing the subtitles for films, commercials and company videos.
Involves improving the original text, correcting any grammar mistakes and checking general standardization without altering the original message.
Translating and Updating Websites
An extension of translation, version and revision services for the internet.
Editing Manuals and Catalogs
Translating the content of manuals, catalogs, brochures and other materials and reformatting it back to the original graphic layout.
Bilingual Assistance
Bilingual interpreters who provide assistance in two languages for participants at business roundtables, trade shows, meetings, seminars and other types of events.
Assistance for Contacts Abroad
Assistance from bilingual professionals for contacts abroad.

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