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Simultaneous Interpreting

What is Simultaneous Interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreting is when the speaker’s words are translated in real time by the interpreter and transmitted to the audience through headphones.

Simultaneous interpreting is recommended for congresses, meetings, debates, courses, conferences and other events because it allows people who speak different languages to participate and interact in the same setting, overcoming language barriers.

How does it work?

The interpreter sits in a soundproof booth and listens to the speaker through a sound system specially designed for simultaneous interpreting. The equipment transmits the speaker’s words to the interpreter who translates them for the audience; they in turn hear the translated speech through headphones.

What are the advantages?

Simultaneous interpreting allows the speaker’s message to be understood by the audience as it is being said, ensuring quality communication and debunking the myth that different languages are a barrier between people.Another advantage is time, because unlike consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting allows the speaker to talk continuously without interruptions and does not affect the duration of the event.

Traduzca also offers standard translations and versions, sworn translations, consecutive interpreting, revisions, voiceovers, bilingual assistance, subtitling for films and videos, certified apostilles, NAATI translations and consularization. Traduzca is at your disposal, committed to providing the requested services quickly and efficiently.

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