Traduzca was responsible for the English screenplay of “O Último Poema” (The Last Poem), which tells the story of the written correspondence between a teacher from the state of Rio Grande do Sul and the poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade. The film was produced by Besouro Filmes and directed by Mirela Kruel.

For 24 years, teacher Helena Maria Balbinot from Guaporé in Rio Grande do Sul exchanged letters with Carlos Drummond de Andrade, a writer and poet from Minas Gerais state living in Rio de Janeiro. The letters, which were recently made public, have now become the screenplay for a film that graced the screens in movie theaters across Brazil.

According to Helena, her first letter was in response to a criticism of the poet by another teacher. Outraged, Helen wrote to Drummond to vent her indignation. The writer’s response arrived a few days later, and Helena wrote another letter, marking the beginning of two decades of correspondence.

Only a few friends were aware of her friendship with the poet. All of Drummond’s letters, many of them handwritten, are carefully stored in a folder. Despite never having met the writer in person, in one of the letters Helena received Carlos Drummond de Andrade thanks her for her friendship, saying “One of the great joys of my life is loyal friendships such as yours, which stand the test of time and distance.”