Canada voted the best country for immigration in 2021

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Canada is one of the most popular destinations for Brazilians, either to study or work, and recently it was voted the best country in the world for immigration. It came top of the Anholt-Ipsos National Brands Index 2021 in this category, as well as the governance, people and investment categories too.

The survey involves 60 countries and is based on over 60,000 interviews. It is designed to measure people’s perception of a nation’s ability to attract immigrants, foreign workers and international students.

The results of the survey reflect Canada’s recent efforts to make it easier for international students to apply for permanent residency and for those wishing to work in the country to get a permanent visa.

Canada expects to have more than 1.2 million additional foreign residents by 2023, because the government believes that immigration is necessary for certain areas where there are insufficient workers and a majority of older residents. They are also keen to heat up the economy after the tough times it experienced during the pandemic.

In October alone, for example, 2,635 new residents were selected for Express Entry, one of the best-known permanent residency programs, which aims to attract qualified immigrants to the country based on their particular skills and what they can contribute to the economy of Canada. Click here and find out more about the various programs.

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